Silicone Cases

Do some favor on your mobile phones

We never realize the amount of favor our phone does to us. In this era, one cannot imagine a day-out without their mobile phones. Least we can do for this gadget is, offer a stylish look to it under the process of protecting it from any external damage. 14xpress has brought you the most extensive range of collections in phone protection and maintenance category. From silicone cases for a smooth touch to protective glasses that can prevent external damage, everything can be found here.

Why 14xpress?

We all love to see the options in whatever product or material we tend to buy first and 14xpress has done the same. Creating an extensive range of options for every type of people who have different taste of fashion, they looked out for every customer’s needs. From waterproof cases to leather cases, every single product has their own unique feature that can serve your phone for a longer period of time.