Mobile Phone Cables

Got frustrated with damaged phone cables? - Get a new one on 14xpress!

The phone charging cables doesn’t have longer life-span. They get damaged with time and over-usage. But, without mobile phone cables, one can find troubling in data transfer from their phones and charging it. Therefore, shop with 14xpress and get your type of phone cables. We have a massive collection in Mobile Phone Accessories and cater all sorts of devices and products related to mobile phones.

Why only 14xpress?

From mobile phone stands and power banks to mobile phone lenses and screen protectors, 14xpress has everything that can help you get your phone well-functioned instantly. Without mobile phones, one cannot imagine their existence because it creates a safety barrier for those away from home and keeps you connected to your loved ones limitless of distance. Thereof, get your phone well-functioning with 14xpress extensive range of phone accessories and products.