Engagement Rings

Let’s make your special moments more special with 14xpress!

Engagements and weddings are the occasion everyone dreams to have in their own definition of perfectness and the rings exchanged by couples are meant to last for life-long and hence, they are meant to be special and unique. 14xpress has the reputation of having the best unique designs when it comes to engagement rings and bridal jewelry sets. Being an online store, one can shop from anywhere, regardless of location at their home comfort.

How can it help?

14xpress categorize every style and accessories in separate blocks to make it easier for their customers to browse for their needs. Whether it’s the shopping for Jewelry & Watches or Fine Jewelry, all the categories are separated as per the occasion and hence there is more room for varieties and unique patterns. Plan your special day with fine jewelry from 14xpress and make things memorable for lifetime like your engagement rings.