Backpacks & Carriers

Travel with children by the help of backpacks available on 14xpress

Children are usually hard to be taken on places and travelling on holidays because someone has to continuously hold them in their arms. This creates comfortless environment all through the journey but with the help of backpacks & carriers from 14xpress, one can get their children tucked to their chest and travel wherever they want. From shopping malls to morning walks, these backpacks can be a life-saver for you and your children too.

Why 14xpress?

14xpress has massive collections of design, sizes, and patterns that can be loved by any parent. We all love to have choices in life so why not when it comes to your babies? Shop with 14xpress and have your own favorite color and designed carriers for your kids and take them anywhere you like without any hassles created. They are easy to use and not that costly on 14pxress.